Pulled straight from the pages of the band’s indie manga comic, “RUIN”, DERELICT experiment with both progressive metalcore and deathcore to bring in a new era of dark melodic music which they use to tell their story. The diverse six-piece outfit embody their characters from the manga, utilising the concept to develop a new level in their performance. “Not of this world, not of this life” is a phrase the band use to best describe their ominous and enigmatic persona. This world is derelict, but we are all invited to be a part of it.


Gregor “
X” MacMillan – Vocals
Brad “
Ø” Jones – Vocals
Chris “Jinn” Allen – Guitar
Frank “Mara” McArdle – Guitar
Will “MAIGO” HP – Bass
Tom “Asura” Hards – Drums

Release Schedule
The band have shot 3 music videos with @GAZDAVIESMEDIA, who has worked with: LOATHE, LOTUS EATER, GOD COMPLEX, CREAK, SWORN AMONGST, DREAMEATER and STARVED. DERELICT aim to release multiple singles before their album 'The Sound of Ruin' is set to release Summer 2020.

Affiliated Entities
DRLCT SUPPLY – Band’s own clothing company.
'The Red Hand of Wrath' Manga Comic Series – Manga Comic series created and written by the band members, the comic series from which the band’s concept was birthed.